Friday, 22 December 2017

Mistress Sumara and Silvia part II

‘Your Master said you were moving up from submissive to slave, is that right?’

I nodded.

‘He wants us to show you what that means, you understand? This is not personal.’

‘Yes, Mistress.’

‘Sumara, want to go first?’

I watched as Mistress Sumara moved across the room, grabbing a chair by its back and dragging it to the centre of the room.

I knew a spanking was coming. Two most likely and that in itself didn’t bother me, but the fact these two girls were half my age did. A lot.

They were going to take me over their knee, effectively making me feel a young girl to their young woman and the embarrassment burned.

A fleeting thought crossed my mind.


I shook my head, dispelling the thought as quickly as it arrived.

As much as my mind shrieked at what was to come, demanding I stand up for myself, my age, my maturity, it was also telling me this was what my Master wanted. Obeying the Mistresses, was obeying him. Making them happy made him happy and that was enough reason for me to quieten those other thoughts. And my body, well that was reacting a whole different way.

‘She’s dripping.’

I looked between my legs to see a thick stringy line hanging from my pussy.

My eyes were glued to the finger that gathered the glob of cum and slowly pulled away, the line stretching before breaking. I breathed as I followed the finger upwards until I was looking directly into Sumara’s eyes.

One eyebrow arched.

I re focused on the finger, my juices thick on the tip, before looking back into Sumara’s eyes,  my mouth open, my tongue out.

Master had done this several times since he found my arousal was usually thick, usually clear, sometimes milky, and just before my period, white, so once Sumara had wiped the thick glob onto my tongue, I remained still, my tongue out, waiting for instruction.


I slipped my tongue into my mouth, swallowed, and pushed my tongue back out, all pink and shiny.

‘Good girl. Now, over my knee, there’s a good girl.’

My step faltered, just for a moment. I took a breath then went down.

I gasped at the smarting smack but quickly settled as Mistress Sumara found her rhythm and spanked me soundly.  It wasn’t long before was I breathing heavy, the odd ‘Ouch’ escaping and any smack on the backs of my thighs caused me to squeal which inevitably led to a flurry of smacks across both thighs, with my kicking, and begging her, ‘Not there, please!’

All on deaf ears of course.

Finally satisfied, Mistress Sumara lets me stand only for Mistress Silvia to quickly take her seat and pull me down over her knee. Determined not to let the sting fade, Mistress Silvia lets me have it, big time. Her smacks landing hard and fast and I was kicking and whining from the get go.

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