Monday, 16 May 2016

Book One

After the Party of Four, Grace, Susie, Bonnie, Yvonne, Angela, Zoe, Karen and Louise asked Esme and Wendy to arrange a spanking party.
Asking each to write down their favourite spanking fantasy, Esme found she had four very different fantasies to make real. School Girl, Nurse/Patient, Maid and Prisoner
Follow Grace as she experiences the first two fantasies, starting with a trip to the Uniform Shop .
Book Two coming soon.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Captured by the Thirteen, Beth is presented with an unusual proposal. Accept their torments willingly and they will tell her everything she wanted to know about the Council of Thirteen. "A reverse interrogation" the Matriarch called.
Thrilled at the possibility of being credited not only with their capture but also able to provide all the information they could possibly want about their organisation Beth accepts the proposal.
Join Beth on her cruise of torture and torment as she discovers the origins of the Council of Thirteen and learns more about her own appetites for BDSM.