Monday, 12 January 2015

Discipline Desired - Released on Amazon

Published: Jan 7th 2015

The content however is mostly fact. . . . . .
. . . . As the spanking continued, as her bottom was turning red, all thoughts of the party and all those tasks still left undone melted away as her burning cheeks began to occupy her thoughts. . .

Lisa’s marriage is heading for the rocks and there is nothing she can think of to avoid the impending crash of divorce until she discovers Domestic Discipline.
Lisa’s life and marriage are transformed when she asks her husband to assume the role of Head of House. To hold her accountable to a set of agreed upon rules and to punish her whenever she breaks them.
Is she crazy? A question many, who willingly put themselves in the same position, ask and to a one, answer NO. It works, it really works.
Follow Lisa and John as they embark on their journey into Discipline and Punishment and judge for yourself. . . . . . .

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