Tuesday, 9 August 2016

<b>A DARK and TWISTED tale of Sadomasochism and Murder.</b>
Women are being sexually tortured and killed and Detectives Golding and Jeffers' investigation lead them to Ebenezer, a man with the dark desire to follow his friend and partner Jacob Marley to the pits of Hell.
Under hypnoses and visitations by the ghost of Jacob and demons of his past, present and future, Ebenezer must make a choice.

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Saturday, 25 June 2016


Part Two

Two more fantasy weekends to go:

 House Maid and Prisoner.

Follow the girl’s spanking and sexual exploits as they don their Maid’s Uniforms and serve the Masters and Mistresses of the House.

Grace experiences further humiliations when she is “given” to Anna, Mistress Esme’s daughter as an 18th Birthday present.

Esme receives a humiliating disciplinary experience from Mrs Evans the Uniform Shop Keeper, when she and Wendy collect their Prisoner Uniforms.

And together with the girls, they experience their most humiliating, degrading and spanking filled fantasy weekend yet.

Monday, 16 May 2016

Book One

After the Party of Four, Grace, Susie, Bonnie, Yvonne, Angela, Zoe, Karen and Louise asked Esme and Wendy to arrange a spanking party.
Asking each to write down their favourite spanking fantasy, Esme found she had four very different fantasies to make real. School Girl, Nurse/Patient, Maid and Prisoner
Follow Grace as she experiences the first two fantasies, starting with a trip to the Uniform Shop .
Book Two coming soon.

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Captured by the Thirteen, Beth is presented with an unusual proposal. Accept their torments willingly and they will tell her everything she wanted to know about the Council of Thirteen. "A reverse interrogation" the Matriarch called.
Thrilled at the possibility of being credited not only with their capture but also able to provide all the information they could possibly want about their organisation Beth accepts the proposal.
Join Beth on her cruise of torture and torment as she discovers the origins of the Council of Thirteen and learns more about her own appetites for BDSM.

Friday, 15 April 2016


Esme and Wendy attend a lingerie party, where Wendy models every sexy revealing outfit for the guests. Fiona joins for the second party where they demonstrate the effectiveness of different vibrators in races to see who climaxes first. Joan joins the others to help demonstrate the BDSM toys and the last party is an orgy where anything goes!
Party of Four is a lesbian romp furthering the training and submission of Wendy, Fiona and Joan to Mistress Esme.


Top Customer Reviews

Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
I began this having just read a most unsatisfactory book about domestic discipline so had little hope it would be any good. I was pleasantly surprised. This was the account of the rapidly failing marriage of Lisa and John. John took the role of managing the home and children while Lisa pursued her career. Now their children are at university, Lisa is very stressed by her job and John is rapidly getting fed up with her unpleasant attitude and the lack of any intimacy between them. It is Lisa who begins to explore domestic discipline. She reads all she can and joins a chat room. Then she takes a day off work and sends John an email with her proposal. From then on the story is about the out working of their DD agreement. Friends and family notice the change as the couple move deeper into such a relationship. I felt that about the mid point of the book the story lost its way a bit. Perhaps the author would have been best to make it much shorter. As it was there had to be things to keep the story going. The arrival of the friend Debbie whose marriage is also failing added several little stories none of which were essential to the main story. The involvement of their adult children was another dimension which I also felt added very little. The device of recording the chat room conversations worked when Lisa was exploring DD and in the early stages but after a while it became tiresome. I found the characters of Lisa and John believable and well drawn. Feminists and the politically correct may disagree but that is patronising. It assumes that a woman cannot have such desires and that is patently untrue and demeans women. Debbie I found to be less convincing and I found her irritating. I did hope that John would spank her but of course he didn't... nasty old me. I also didn't find the student children very convincing at all. Having had student children I simply couldn't credit some of the exchanges. For me the best other character was the 10 year old niece who catches John spanking Lisa. The resulting scenes were priceless. I shall read the other books in the series I think.